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First Day of School + C Looking concerned + Drive In Theater September 3, 2013

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First Day of School + C Looking concerned + Drive In Theater



4th of July – Excelsior Steamboat, Airshow, Street Food, Fireworks July 10, 2013

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Summer is FLYING by… July 9, 2013

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Well we’ve got some updating to do, so these next few will probably be a little out of order. B and I did some international traveling and the girls got to go to Grandpa & Grandma R’s for 2 whole weeks!!! A fun time was had by all, and we made it home with enough time to spare that we got to see A’s final performance of her drama camp. We’ll post a travel blog soon, I promise. Without further adieu, here’s some photos.

First off: Addie and Clara take a trip to the Walker Art Museum and Sculpture Gallery. Addie got in on the fun and painted on a mural.

2013-07-06 11.54.19

2013-07-06 13.38.19

2013-07-06 13.35.01

2013-07-06 13.34.57

2013-07-06 13.28.30

2013-07-06 13.26.45

2013-07-06 12.39.03

2013-07-06 12.06.05


What…a new post?!#! May 9, 2013

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Ok since all the moms reading this already know how good we are at feeling guilty about everything, I am going to attempt some self care and just move forward instead of wasting time apologizing for being the worst blogger ever.

So, so, so much has happened since we last chatted. Our quiet, laid back little second child was secretly kidnapped and replaced with a high energy, fully caffeinated (still little) ball of chaos we fondly call Mayhem. Miss C is the comic relief for our family providing us with hours of side splitting humor from goofy walks, crazy faces, silly songs to sometimes just running around with a bucket on her head. She is nonstop energy from the time she gets up to the time she bellyflops into bed at night. She loves to climb and explore and get into mischief. Following in her uncles’ footsteps she is drawn to any sport that involves a ball or bat or allows her to kick or hit something without getting in trouble. She is relatively good natured unless you ask her to do something that is outside of her routine. If that’s the case, be prepared for World War III. A2 has always been fairly accommodating to our lifestyle so we didn’t have to make too many adjustments for her but Miss C on the other hand only sleeps in her bed, at her predetermined nap time, only eats in her chair, at her house, only rides in her seat in her car and only goes to her daycare. As long as you understand that, life is good. She still profusely sucks the second and third fingers of her left hand while rubbing her left ear with her right hand(it is an awkward arrangement) and has a very “loved” blanket she calls “may-me” (Yes, to be racially insensitive, it does sound like she’s calling for her house slave from Gone with the Wind). She likes to blame her sister or the dogs for her stinky diapers and she loves to play outside. She is the boy B has always wanted especially when it comes to riding around and fixing vehicles. She loves her tricycle and to “help” daddy fix the car that is until her fingers get “gucky”(yucky).

Addie is growing into an elegant young girl. Still as dramatic as ever, kindergarten has been rather enlightening. It’s always such an eye opening experience to watch your child’s world expand before their eyes. Her new world includes lunch lines, spelling bees, gymnastics and all class birthday parties. She loves her new found independence and it’s been relieving to see her settle in to this new stage of life so effortlessly. She is the fashion queen in the morning kindergarten class with styles ranging from stripes with florals to riding boots with fur vests. I have to say her taste is a little eclectic for her mom but she seems to get a lot of compliments so what do I knowJ. She loves everything about school…except gym. Sound familiar? B and I went to her first school play. She played the Little Red Riding Hood. Within the first two minutes B and I looked and each other and laughed. I think she found her calling. She loved the spotlight, projecting her words and gesturing towards the audience she seemed right at home on stage. Afterwards she couldn’t stop talking about how amazing it was. Today she gets to present her Imagination Fair project that she and B made. Her project was a Lego model of the Minneapolis skyline complete with fact sheets on the top buildings. Personally, I think we might have been a little over zealous with her first school project but B and I both have such fond memories of our parents helping us with school projects that I think we got a little excited. We had to drive around downtown on three separate occasions so A2 could perform her research.

B keeps climbing his way up the corporate ladder at work. His jobs these days focus a lot more around design and project management than they have in the past. I absorbed all of his free time of late with the task of planning our upcoming trip to the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany in June. He has been scouring the internet for travel deals and hotel reservations. I’m secretly relieved that he enjoys that kind of stuff because to be honest it just stresses me out. B and I continue to play this delicate dance of a two job family. It’s not only the stress of managing two careers while still prioritizing your family but just the sheer coordination of everyone’s schedule is enough to drive you batty.

I accepted a new position at the same company in September. My new role in external reporting is high profile, high stress, and unfortunately high hours. One month of every quarter I have been working around 80 hours a week. B has been amazing at picking up the slack at home and I have done everything I can to prioritize time with the girls. My hope is the position will only be two years before I move into a higher management role with a better work life balance. Luckily I passed my CPA in November so I have been able to put the studying behind me. I keep telling myself if I put in the time now, it will pay off in the long run but I will be honest, it better start paying off pretty soon or I think I might need to try something else. In my little bit of free time I joined the PTA Board at A2’s school and am a Girl Scout troop leader so that has been a nice trade off to work.

Well, at least that’s a start to get everybody caught up. I’ll try to stay better on task in the future. It was nice catching up!!


Addie’s Funny Ramen – Video March 28, 2013

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Clara being silly – Video

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Clara making pancakes

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2013-03-27 17.23.45

2013-03-27 17.23.57



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